Socks is a multi media social network with a focus in community driven development.

That means that new features, issue priority, and even community rules are driven by users and patrons.

Socks is in development under the premise that your social media should be just that: yours; users have control of their media, they can even delete it from our content delivery network. Your content and information will never be sold or even shared with a 3rd party.

What's more is Socks is made for users who are tired of the half-hearted solutions to the problem of bigots on social media. Reports of bigotry are taken seriously and are dealt with swiftly (the maximum time frame being 3 days). 

Socks is a lot of things, but the most important thing, is that Socks will always be a reflection of it's user base. Not what investors want to see, because our users are our investors.